Ice Lanterns

Your gorgeous ice lantern can be used to celebrate Matariki or Winter solstice!
This was an activity in one of our winter boxes last year. It is incredibly easy and looks stunning.

What you will need:
A tealight candle 
Nature treasures
A cylindrical plastic container
An empty tin
A small heavy rock
A freezer!

1. Go on a nature treasure hunt for leaves, berries, flowers, pine needles, ferns…

2. Put your tin (or a small round plastic container) inside the larger container. Make sure the tin or small container is large enough to fit the candle in.

3. Arrange your nature treasures inside the large container. Put just the rock inside the small container.

4. Carefully pour water into the larger container up to about 2 cm below the top of the small container. The rock should stop the small container from floating up. If it starts to float, put another rock in.

5. Put your container into the freezer overnight.

6.  Take your container out of the freezer and run warm water over the outside to get your ice lantern out. Put a little bit of water inside the small container to get it out too.

7. Get an adult to put the candle on a large plate or dish and light it. Carefully put the ice lantern over it – beautiful!

I’d love to see pictures of your ice lanterns – tag Little Farmer (@littlefarmernz) if you post them to instagram or facebook so that I can see them!

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